Greenfields Estate

Location:  Randfontein, West Rand
Land Size: 7,7236 ha
Project Size: 1 080 units

Greenfields Estate is a 7,7236 ha privately owned property in the process of being developed as a Social Housing initiative in partnership with the SHRA (Social Housing Regulatory Authority). With construction due to commence in February 2018, when completed, this residential development will consist of 1 080, either one-bedroom or two-bedroom self-contained units measuring 30m² and 40m² respectively. The main focus of this development was to consider the needs and lifestyle of the prospective tenants, and optimize internal space planning to offer compact indoor living space, complemented with large green outdoor spaces to carry activities that compact indoor space does not allow for. Central to the development is a large public green courtyard, which is the heart of the development. A place where children gather to play, people gather for social activities, tenant committees, etc. The smaller courtyards provided at each block are also vital to the Development as they offer a more private play space, gathering space, laundry space, or space for any communal activity.


Location:  Polokwane, Limpopo
Land Size: 13,5918 ha
Project Size: 870 units

Poloshego measures 13,5918 ha with a density of 64 units/ha. Over the past few years the demand for social housing in this area has increased drastically and the Social Housing Regulatory Authority (SHRA) has therefore identified this area as a “restructuring zone” suitable for high-density social housing developments. We wish to assist the community by providing residential accommodation consisting of one-bedroom or two-bedroom units measuring 30m2 and 40m2 respectively. Upon completion, Poloshego will consist of 870 social housing units. Our developments are aimed at optimising internal as well as external living space. We base our model on the needs and requirements of our prospective tenants. We conduct extensive market research to ensure that we are providing the community with a product that offers tenants a safe and secure environment while taking into consideration financial capabilities and overall demand. By combining our expertise and knowledge of the property industry with the initiative presented by the SHRA, we are able to offer tenants a more affordable option. Polokwane has seen tremendous growth over the past few years resulting in an increase in demand for lower-cost housing. The Poloshego development will assist in offering a solution to the housing shortage and will result in the continuous growth and expansion of Polokwane and its community.